Custom Fit Sports Mouthguards


A mouthguard is an essential piece of protective gear for many sports players, particularly those of contact sports, as they protects the teeth and help to minimise dental injury.

Created using an impression of your teeth, our custom fit mouthguard will give you a perfect fit, molding exactly to your teeth and gums, offering greater comfort, better protection than over the counter ‘heat and mold’ versions, and can also reduce the severity of concussion. Research has shown that the clacking together of the top and bottom teeth during impact can cause, or worsen the effect of a concussion. A quality custom-designed mouthguard helps to buffer that effect by separating the upper and lower jaw during impact with cushioning. 

Because of their perfect fit, custom mouthguards are much more comfortable to wear, will suction in place and stay there – you don’t have to keep your mouth closed to keep it in, and they make speaking whilst wearing much easier.

Sports mouthguards can be made in a range of thicknesses, depending on the severity of your impact sport. All of our mouthguards are dual layer, as standard. However we can also offer high impact version for boxers (several layers of mouthguard material with a harder shock absorbing layer in between) to offer greater protection. 

There is a wide range of colour and pattern choice that you can select from for your custom mouthguard. We can even insert a name and phone number into the mouthguard incase it gets misplaced.

Mouthguards can be molded around braces and other permanent dental appliances such a crown or bridge.

Mouthguards for children will need to be replaced as they grow and their teeth change.

You will need to book in an appointment to have an impression of your teeth taken, and then can typically expect to collect your mouthguard a week later.